Ben Aim imageDr. Roger Ben Aim
Retired Professor, University of Toulouse
IFTS, France

Deep Bed Filtration vs. Membrane Separation:  Competition or Synergy?

Track:  Solid/Liquid
Presentation:  Wednesday, April 22, 10:40 am

Dr. Roger Ben Aïm got his M. Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering then his PhD at the University of Nancy ( France) in 1970. He was successively Associate Professor and then Professor at the Universities of Montpellier (France), Institute of Chemical engineering at the University of Toulouse (France), University of Technology of Compiegne (France) where he chaired the department of chemical engineering department, and finally at INSA Toulouse where he retired in 2001 and got the position of Professor Emeritus till 2008. Since 1972, he dedicated his academic research activity to liquid solid separation processes in water and wastewater treatment focussing it progressively on Membrane processes (Membrane Bioreactor, tertiary treatment, pretreatment before RO desalination). He supervised more than 50 PhD students and published with his students and former students in international journals and conferences.

In 1981, he founded IFTS, a technical research Centre on Filtration and Separation techniques in which he is presently Scientific Advisor. Since the 70’s, he has been strongly involved in International Water Association (Particle Separation, Membrane Technology, Water Reuse specialist groups) being presently Distinguished Fellow and a member of the Strategic Council. He has strong international activity through collaborative research and projects in which he is involved in Australia, Korea, China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia (KAUST).

He is a Distinguished Fellow and member of the strategic committee of international Water Association.